You deserve the best retirement possible. Let us help guide you to financial peace of mind with our retirement planning services.

Retirement Planners of America offers a comprehensive approach to financial and retirement planning that goes beyond just managing your nest egg.

Learn about Social Security, income tax planning, and other issues that can affect your financial and retirement planning.

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Financial and Retirement Planning

You’ll receive independent financial and retirement planning advice from a firm focused on retirement planning.

  • An analysis of your income needs now and, in the future, with recommendations intended to address all aspects of your individual circumstances.
  • Continual development and implementation of a financial and retirement plan that aims to fund your retirement income needs and maintain your desired standard of living.
  • Recommendations regarding employer retirement plans and IRAs, including distribution strategies, beneficiary analysis, and a review of the pros and cons of converting to a Roth IRA.
  • A review of your overall financial situation from a fiduciary perspective, including factors such as real estate, insurance, business, estate issues, budgets, and long-term care needs.
  • Regular market updates.

Investment Management

We have decades of experience monitoring and advising on investments for our clients.

  • Review your investments and provide independent financial advice on a personalized portfolio.
  • Frequent in-person meetings to review and evaluate your investments and update your financial objectives.
  • Quarterly re-balancing of your portfolio to help reduce volatility.
  • Recommendations regarding allocations within your employer-provided retirement plans such as 401(k)s.
  • Aggregation of all your accounts to simplify and reduce paperwork.
  • Sell strategy.
  • Buy strategy.

Family Legacy Planning

Our comprehensive retirement planning approach helps you protect your family and ensure your wishes are carried out.

  • Analysis of existing estate plans including review of plan design.
  • Recommendations for estate plan options, including ability to meet with an unaffiliated attorney for free estate planning consultation.
  • Assistance in establishing and transferring assets to various types of trust accounts.
  • Helping trustees through challenges of establishing an independent trustee versus appointing family.
  • Review of beneficiary designations from all sources and assistance with asset titling for probate.
  • Providing guidance with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one.

Income Tax Planning

Our holistic approach to retirement planning includes a review of your unique tax situation.

  • Our goal is to help you potentially reduce tax liability and potentially maximize your eligibility to contribute to your retirement plan.

Client Education & Events

We believe education is confidence. It’s part of the Retirement Planners of America Way to provide you with ongoing education on financial and retirement planning.

  • Educational events by industry professionals on topics such as income tax planning, estate planning, social security planning, identity theft, travel and long-term care.
  • We also host annual Client Appreciation events as are our way of saying “Thank You.” These events are held at great local entertainment spots like Mesquite Rodeo, Texas Motor Speedway, Phoenix Science Center, Aquarium of the Pacific (LA), to name a few!


If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. That’s the way it should be among friends.

Meet with one of our advisors today to help you with:

  • Your retirement lifestyle. How can you accurately determine the lifestyle you can afford? How will you generate the income to sustain that lifestyle? Let us guide you through an analysis.
  • Social Security decision-making. Make the wrong decision about when to take Social Security and you could lose thousands of dollars in benefits. Let us help you make the best choice.
  • Estate planning and inheriting money. Whether you want to ensure your estate is in proper order or you’d like to find the best way to handle an inheritance, we can help.
  • Medicare and long-term care planning. Medicare and a long-term care policy are important to your health, lifestyle and retirement plan. We can help you choose the options that best fit your unique situation.
  • Financial needs after losing a loved one or divorce. If you’ve lost a loved one or are going through a divorce, you don’t need the added stress of navigating the ensuing financial ramifications. Let us help you.
  • Income tax planning assistance. Income tax can be one of the biggest expenses you face in retirement. We have experience navigating this critical issue.
  • Ongoing financial education. Stay informed with blog posts and podcasts that address finances, the current market, and retirement lifestyle issues. Visit our Retirement Education Resource Center.