Some strategies for retirement investments ask you to ride the market like a roller coaster. That level of risk taking may work when you’re younger and focused only on growth, but we think that roller coaster rides can be dangerous to your financial health when you’re retired or close to retirement. What if you lose too much money and don’t have time to rebuild? What if you have to completely change your way of life? What if your money runs out?

Our retirement strategy is designed to help your money last as long as you need.

Our goal is to have your money last as long as you do.

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We don’t want you to have to worry about losing money in retirement. That’s why at Retirement Planners of America, we employ an Invest and Protect retirement strategy. Designed for retirees and those nearing retirement, our proactive strategy helps protect your retirement savings from a volatile market. Unlike other strategies for retirement that emphasize growth alone, our approach focuses on helping you protect principle and minimize losses.

Living on retirement income can be stressful if you have to worry about running out of money. We’d like to help you achieve financial peace of mind by working to protect your retirement.

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Many people start their savings with a “buy and hold” retirement strategy, where you “ride out” any bad markets. This often works for you when you are young and have time to recover from big losses. But many retirees find that they can’t afford to wait years for the market to come back when they’re living on that money, or plan to do so soon.

That’s why our Invest and Protect strategy includes a third component. We buy investments, hold them when the market trends upward, and protect them when the market is dropping. Our objective mathematical strategy sounds an alarm to get out of the market when it starts to fall. The Invest and Protect strategy is a form of “Stop-Loss,” an approach that provides an objective point at which investments should be sold.

Our strategy sounded an alert in November 2007, so we counseled our clients, email newsletter subscribers and listeners of the Money Matters with Ken Moraif radio show to get out of the market. We feel proud that our advice may have helped people protect their retirement investments during the crash of 2008.

Why Retirement Planners of America

Our goals are to give you financial peace of mind, and to have your money last as long as you do. That’s why we follow an Invest and Protect strategy designed to protect the retirement savings you’ve worked hard to build.