Why Choose Us as Your Retirement Planner?

You deserve an ally in your retirement planner. At Retirement Planners of America, we have two goals for you:

  • For you to have financial peace of mind.
  • To have your money last as long as you do.

You’ve probably been saving for retirement for decades and have worked hard to get here. That’s why we make protecting your savings our top priority. Our Invest and Protect strategy is designed to protect your nest egg from an up and down market.

We also believe saving for retirement goes beyond your finances. As a Retirement Planners of America client, you’ll receive a comprehensive retirement plan that includes advice about matters like estate planning, family legacy planning, Social Security, and income tax planning to help you maintain your lifestyle after retirement.

Ready to work with a team that specializes in retirement planning?

Ready to work with a team that specializes in retirement planning?

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Our Core Values

You’ll work with a retirement planner who understands the great responsibility of handling your life savings. We strive to live by a code of ethics and a defined set of values. Retirement Planners of America expects each of its employees to abide by its core values:

  • We Are Eager to Serve.
  • We Do Whatever It Takes.
  • We Treat Others Politely with Love and Respect.
  • We Do the Right Thing. Always.
  • We Proactively Seek Solutions.
  • We Live the Retirement Planners of America Way.

Our Way

  • The right thing to do is always the right thing to do.
  • Our clients benefit before we do.
  • We take only as much risk as is necessary to accomplish our clients’ financial goals.
  • If a client calls us first, we lost.
  • Education is confidence.
  • We never sacrifice honesty for growth.
  • We have more fun than human beings should be allowed to have.
  • We believe everyone deserves love.
  • Our Noble Obligation: Make a client every day.
  • We always part friends.

Saving for Retirement Is Your Job. Helping to Protect Your Savings Is Ours.

You may have been saving for retirement for decades. It’s difficult but necessary work.

Now that you are nearing or in retirement, it’s time to consider how you’ll build a retirement income from your investments.

We believe that “riding the market” can be risky for investors over 50. Why? Not only do you have less time to wait for asset values to come back from a decline, but if you are taking money from your accounts for income, you are eating away at your capital. For example: If you’ve been withdrawing 4% and your money drops by half, you’d have to take out 8% to cover the same costs. That’s a heavy load for your investments to carry. That’s why protecting your savings to help you have financial peace of mind in retirement is our top priority.

Our Invest and Protect strategy can help protect your nest egg from market drops. It’s designed to enable us to participate in the stock market as long as it is going up, and to get out when the market trends downward. It’s one of the ways we help to make sure your money lasts as long as you do.

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