Planning for Retirement Is the First Step on the Path to Financial Peace of Mind.

Planning for retirement is one of the most important steps in your life. You might think you’re prepared because you’ve been saving for years. But have you thought about how you’ll transition to a retirement lifestyle?

If you’re over 50, we think now’s the time to begin thinking about how you want to live in retirement, and to put a holistic plan in place to guide you to that retirement lifestyle.

We can help. At Retirement Planners of America, we specialize in helping people transition into retirement.

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Don't Put Off Planning for Retirement.

The five years before you retire and the five years after you retire are the most important years of your entire financial life in our opinion. A loss of retirement savings during those years could severely impair your ability to support the retirement lifestyle you want.

Our goal is to make your money last as long as you do. That’s why we believe you need to begin planning for retirement now, and that your plan should include a strategy to protect your principal.

Five Important Steps to Take Right Now.

1. Figure out how much money you will need to support the retirement lifestyle you want. Are you financially ready for retirement? Our advisors can help you determine how much you need in savings in order to have enough retirement income to sustain your standard of living.

2. Reduce the amount of risk in your investments. We believe that once you reach 50, it’s time to start playing defense with your investments. Diversification can help, especially if you have a large percentage of your money in any one stock (including your employers’). We also believe you should adopt an Invest and Protect strategy that can help you withstand bear markets.

3. Pay off your debt. We believe that when you retire, your debt should be retired, too. Being debt-free can make it much easier to get through tough times.

4. Decide where you will live. Do you want to downsize? Move out of the city? Live closer to family? Consider any move carefully—you may spend the rest of your life in your new hometown.

5. Review all your potential financial and healthcare benefits. We can help you determine what’s available to you through your work, Social Security, and Medicare. Then we’ll help you create a plan that addresses when and how to take benefits to help you maximize every income-generating opportunity you can put to use in the five years before you retire.

If any of these steps seem daunting, it might be time to meet with a planner specializing in retirement. Schedule a meeting with a Retirement Planners of America advisor today.

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