What are the retirement planning fees you’ll pay? That’s one of the most important questions in selecting an advisor to help you manage your investments and retirement planning.

Financial investment professionals are either paid a fee or a commission for their services. Fee-based financial advisors charge their fee for managing clients’ investments, while other types of financial professionals are paid a commission by the company that makes the products they sell.

Our compensation at Retirement Planners of America is fee-based. What does that mean for you? It means that we use an easy-to-understand fee structure where our compensation comes from managing and growing your portfolio, and helping you build and manage your retirement plan.

We believe the fee-based model is the best option for our clients as it helps ensure our interests are aligned with yours.

Another thing that can distinguish Retirement Planners of America from other types of investment professionals is that we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. This means that putting your interests above our own interests isn’t just our value, it’s also our legal obligation.

We believe that’s another way to offer you financial peace of mind.

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Our retirement planning fees are designed for you to feel secure that you won’t be sold a product you don’t need. We believe this fee-based model is the best option for our clients, as it helps ensure that our advisors’ interests are aligned with yours.

When you meet your Retirement Planners of America advisor, they will talk you through the fee structure and your estimated retirement planning fees.


Maybe a more important question than the fees is what value will you receive?

At some firms, the fee that clients pay to the advisor only covers the management of their investments and does not cover retirement planning services. At Retirement Planners of America, we want your money to go further than that. Of course, our retirement planning is complimented by careful management of your investments. Our advisors also provide education and support for all areas of your retirement, including advice regarding:

In addition, we believe that our Invest and Protect strategy provides added value through the financial peace of mind of having a strategy to help protect your retirement from bear markets. At Retirement Planners of America, we work with you to build the retirement lifestyle you desire, and then act on your behalf to protect it.