Hello. This is our market alert video for the week ending December 11, 2020, and once again, as we’ve been talking about for many months now it feels like, it’s all about the stimulus package, and the Democrats and the Republicans cannot seem to come to a deal. They have two sticking points that are apparently insurmountable. So now there’s talk that we just remove those two sticking points and just pass it without either one of them. Sounds reasonable to me, but I’m not King of the world. I can’t make it happen, but because there is some concern about that, we saw some selling this week. Also, as we’ve described in previous videos, we anticipated that because the markets have risen so much since the end of October that it would not be unreasonable to see profit taking.

So a little bit of an uncertainty about a stimulus package, and some people are saying, “Well, you know what, I’m going to take profits and take my marbles and go home.” So we still view that there will be one. The question is not if, but when and so that will be, we believe, very well received by investors, and we could see new all-time highs when one is passed. Of course, vaccines are looking like they’re going to start dispensing those next week, which is really remarkable, and we also see that next year we could also see a global economy on steroids; a V-shaped recovery that is globally synchronized, because once we have confidence that people feel that they can go out and live their lives and do stuff without getting infected. We see restaurants opening up that are going to replace the ones that went under. We see restaurants that have survived seeing lots of customers. We all want to go out. We want to enjoy life again; travel companies, all kinds of stuff, and we global hiring just exploding in a very fast recovery, potentially the largest and fastest global recovery in history, and because of that, we also see that next year could be an extremely good year for our investments, as well.

In the meantime, we’ve gained a lot of ground over the last couple of months here, and so I’m glad to say that we’ve recovered, our investments have done quite well, and that’s always a good thing. So thank you for letting us worry about all this for you. At this time, we don’t see any reason to make any changes. We’re not near our sell point, so all is good, and we hope that you are safe, that you are sane, and that you’ve got all your Christmas shopping done. I know I don’t, but I always wait until the last second anyway. With all this digital stuff, you can wait until the last second. It’s terrible, but procrastination has been enabled by technology. So I hope that you and yours are doing well, and again, thank you for letting us worry about this, and you enjoy life as much as possible, and we can’t wait until they let us out of quarantine, and we can go back to enjoying our second childhood without parental supervision. So thanks again, and we’ll talk soon.

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