Well, Happy New Year to one and all and, boy, this year, 2021, is off to a crazy start to say the least. With all the stuff that’s going on in Washington with the storming of the Capitol it’s not good stuff, but the market, the stock markets, were up. So, we’re going to talk about that. This is our Market Alert video for the weekend into Friday, January 8, and so thank you for watching this, and you know, as we’ve talked about in the past, the stock market is driven, primarily the prices are driven by profits. Profits are driven by consumer spending, and the consumer spending right now is very dependent upon stimulus and the outcome of the elections in Georgia gave the democrat party the majority in the Senate and so the likelihood is that now we might get a $2,000.00 versus the $600.00 stimulus checks and that being the case, that’s more money going into the economy and that was why, in our view, the market was up on that day despite the fact that we had that terrible news coming out of Washington.

So, that’s going to be the theme this year. It’s going to be the stimulus package. It’s going to be the vaccine just as it’s been for the last several months, and our view is that there are going to be potentially more stimulus packages coming until the vaccine has hopefully immunized people and we can go back to a semblance of our normal lives and, so, until then, the bridge to get us to that is the stimulus package. Now, the thing that’s also something that I thought I would share with you is that, you know, the companies that we invest in that are on the stock exchange, for the most part, these companies are not the mom and pops by definition, that are mostly affected by the pandemic. So, when you hear about local restaurants and you hear about local dry cleaners and the tragedies of those bankruptcies, those are not the companies that are on the stock exchange, and those larger companies are weathering the storm relatively well and consumers are continuing to have money to spend and so they’re spending that.

Retail sales over the Christmas season were actually quite good, relatively, up 3 percent for the year before, and so, because of that we anticipate that this year we should see a global synchronized recovery in the markets, in the economies of the world, and therefore in the markets, and we see our economy on steroids with stimulus and also, you know, the unemployment numbers have been studied and the vast majority of the people who have lost their jobs are nonprofessionals. The people that can operate on a computer via Zoom as I’m doing with you have been able to continue working and that middle class and higher, those people actually have the highest savings rate in the history of our country. Locked up, not spending, saving a lot of money, and that is a gigantic pent-up demand that we see once the vaccine takes hold and people are confident to go out and do stuff, that is going to get spent.

We believe, and when that happens, we could see a significant rise in profits and therefore in the stock market. So, our outlook for 2021 is quite positive but remember always that, you know, bear markets come on unexpected news. It’s rare that what everybody thinks is going to happen causes a bear market because people will already have taken evasive action and protected themselves from that. So, that’s why our strategy is always in place to make sure that, you know, if danger appears and there’ s threat to your financial security, we will act and we will put you in a safe place to protect you from significant major losses. That’s our goal. So, again, trying times. Unbelievable way to start the year with terrible news out of Washington and a stock market setting new all-time highs, but now you know the reason if you didn’t already.

So, thank you for watching this video. Thank you for letting us worry about this so that you don’t have to. That’s our goal. We want you to, as soon as possible, get out and enjoy your second childhood with out parental supervision. So, once again, thank you for watching this video, Happy New Year, and we’ll talk soon.

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