Hello, and welcome to our Market Alert video for today, which is November 11, 2022. And this is Veterans Day weekend. And so I want to take a moment and thank all of you, veterans and the families of veterans, for your service and what you have done. You know, we just had Election Day. And we I think, in too many cases take for granted the freedoms that we have in this country, we get to say all kinds of mean things to each other on social media. That’s something most countries, there are a lot of countries, you can’t do that. So the freedoms that we enjoy, are to, to a very great degree because of the veterans and the military, and what they’ve done to keep the bad guys away and keep our freedoms flame lit. And so for that from the bottom of our heart, everybody here at Retirement Planners of America thanks you.

Probably you’re wondering, man, Ken, how can I score one of those nice hoodies? Yeah, this is actually the only hoodie that I own. I don’t wear hoodies. But I like this one so much that I thought I’d wear it for you. We have ways to get one to you. It involves becoming a client to saying, but anyway, thanks for watching this video. And let’s let’s talk about business. So this week, as you probably have noticed, we had a big run up in the stock market, the S&P went up a lot, the Dow did too. Why? Well, because the inflation numbers were expected to be really bad and they came in not so bad or less bad. And so that made a lot of investors think, Okay, it’s time to buy in, the Feds got it under control, all as well. And we’re gonna see, you know, rising everything and blue skies and sunshine. Well, let’s take a deep breath here, as we’ve said, in July, and August, and we saw that big run up that we saw, then, let’s take another deep breath. Because bear market rallies are very common. And they’re very dangerous, and a lot of people get caught in them. So, let’s kind of take a deep breath. Let’s settle back in and let’s put things in perspective for just a moment. If we were to rewind the clock and go back a year ago today, and we were to say to ourselves a year ago today, that a year from now, inflation is going to be where it is now. We would be saying, oh my gosh, that is just terrible. That must mean, you know that the economy is in really bad shape. And that all kinds. So the fact that inflation, the rate of acceleration of the inflation seems to have slowed a little bit. This could be one data point, it may be a trend, but it also could not be a trend.

And so to get all excited right now and think that it’s time to buy back in and throw caution to the wind in our view is premature. The Federal Reserve has a lot of work to do, we are far from getting inflation under control. And because of that, we think the risks on the downside are still pretty great. Just as we told you, when the market went up, what was it about 15% in July through August. And so we think that it’s possible, we could do that now. But we don’t know how long it’ll last. So our view is to still stay safe. In a money market fund the Federal Reserve is, is raising interest rates they did this month, they’ll probably do it another half a percent next month. And if you do that, then guess what the money market fund gets paid pays more interest, we’re getting paid to be safe, we’re getting paid to be out of the storm. What’s wrong with that? We don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Now, one of the things also is that at some point we are going to need to buy back in we’re not going to want to stay out forever. That’s not a good idea either. And we do have a buy signal that tells us when we think we should be buying back in. And just to be fair to full disclosure. And to be fair to our clients, I’m not going to tell you when that is right when we do it, I’m going to tell you after the fact. So you may miss out on some stuff if we buy back in and you wanted to do it with us. So that was my pitch for why maybe you should consider becoming a client.

So if you if you go to our website And you click on visit with one of our advisors, we’d be happy to build a cash flow retirement plan for you. We’ll be happy to look at how much risk is appropriate for you. Can you retire? Where do you get income from all those kinds of things? And you know, speaking of cash flow, there’s a company that’s about to go bankrupt. That is was one of the largest cryptocurrency companies, FTX, and it’s the owner of that or the major stockholder, a young man started it, $16 billion, he was a billionaire 16 times over. Well, he’s about to have no billions when they go bankrupt. It’s not funny, but and why? Well, the reason is not because their business model was bad and not because they weren’t generating profits. But because they ran out of cash. They ran out of cash. We believe that the most important thing for your retirement is your cash flow. It’s not returns, it’s not how much money you’ve got, it’s not they all interplay, but the bottom line is, it’s your cash flow. Well, if you don’t have the cash to support your lifestyle, you’re not going to have a happy ending to that. So we want to help you, we’ll build that for you the retirement cash flow plan, no charge or obligation. We want to help you if we can great and if not, we’ll part friends and we’ll part friends. So go to our website We want to help you to have your second childhood without parental supervision. And if we can facilitate whatever that means to you, we’d be, we’d feel like we’ve done a good thing. So again, our website is And thank you for watching this video.

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