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Hello, and welcome to our weekly Market Alert video for the week ending December 23, 2021. Normally, we put out a video every Friday, but this week, we’re doing it early given that Christmas is on Saturday. We want to wish you and yours all the best. We hope that Santa will take very good care of you—and that you are healthy, wealthy, wise and your family is all doing well. From our perspective, we want to express our gratitude to you for having us as your retirement planner, allowing us the privilege of working with you. We’ve been through an incredible year together while navigating all the stuff that’s happened. I hope that we’ve delivered on our dual promise to you. One, we want you to have financial peace of mind, and two, we want your money to last as long as you do. We hope that we’re delivering both for you.

So, what’s going on? We’ve got data regarding labor and jobs, and the data was good. The number of people filing for unemployment has gone down. In theory, it means more people are going back to work. One of the things that we see is that as people return to work, the shortages will start to abate, and the supply chain issues tend to resolve. Inflation is going to be an issue; it looks like it will be longer than we thought, but the Federal Reserve is engaged. As they say, “Do not fight the Fed.” The Feds say they’re going to raise interest rates potentially three times next year. They also said they’re going to taper, which means that they’re going to reduce the amount of bonds that they are buying. This should help interest rates go up. All of that combined tells us that we should see new all-time highs into the next year. What’s going on right now is not something to be overly concerned about, but we did warn you that this last month is going to be a very rough ride. Surely enough, it has been.

Of the things that we do know, the “known, knowns”, we don’t see too much out there that will derail where we’re going with the economy, profits, and our investments. Now, of course, we always have the “unknown, unknown.” This what usually causes the next bear market. The next recession is something that comes out of the blue. Since the “unknown, unknown” is unknown to us, we don’t worry about it. What we do instead is prepare for it. The luxury we have with our investments is that we know the “unknown, unknown” is simply some event that causes the market to go down.

If we have a strategy to address the market going down, then whatever that “unknown, unknown” is, whether it’s the tech bubble, credit crisis, or the pandemic—our strategy is designed to address the market going down; we’re not as concerned with why it’s going down. This is why we have our and Invest Protect Strategy™ ready to be implemented, should this ever happen.

Lastly, thank you for watching this video, share it with as many people as you would like—we want as many people watching this video as possible. We have had close to 300,000 views, which is crazy! It is all thanks to you guys, and we appreciate you very much. Happy Holidays and we’ll talk soon.

MMWKM Advisors, LLC (d/b/a Retirement Planners of America ) (“Retirement Planners of America”) is an SEC registered investment adviser with a primary business location in Plano, Texas. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. References to the “invest and protect strategy” (the “Strategy”) and recommendations made under the Strategy from 2007 through 2009 refer to strategies collectively employed and recommendations collectively made by Retirement Planners of America’s principals while employed at Eagle Strategies, LLC., and also at Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. Four of the five principals remain as principals today, including the Retirement Planners of America’s founder, Ken Moraif, and Chief Investment Officer, Eli Dragon. Retirement Planners of America has been employing the Strategy since its inception in 2011. Therefore, any references to Retirement Planners of America’s performance or its investment advisory recommendations predating 2011 generally refer to recommendations made by Retirement Planners of America’s principals at the respective other firms described above. Like all investment strategies, the Strategy is not guaranteed. It is possible that it can incorrectly predict a bear market (generally accepted as a 20% drop in a market index), which has, in-fact, happened before at Retirement Planners of America and affected its clients accordingly. When the sell / “protect” portion of the Strategy is implemented, affected investors will incur transaction costs and taxable accounts will incur tax consequences. However, when implementing that portion of the Strategy, Retirement Planners of America generally believes that the benefit of avoiding bear markets outweighs the burden of these transaction costs and tax consequences.