Hello, I am Ken Moraif, founder of Retirement Planners of America, and this is our market alert video for Friday, the 13th of November 2020. Thank you for watching this video. Once again, we had a very eventful week and we had news with regard to vaccines. We had news with regard to the unemployment numbers. We had all kinds of economic data to hang our hat on, so let us talk about it all and put some perspective on it.

First of all, the unemployment numbers, according to the Department of Labor, came in better than expected, so that’s always a good thing, especially given now the pandemic. Also, we had several companies come out now and say that they have potential vaccines that could be viable and ready to go before the year end and that was very well received, of course, by the markets. And then, as we have been discussing with you over the last several weeks, the Stimulus Package we believe is the single most important thing to keep your eye on, even more than the elections which are very important, don’t misunderstand. But in terms of keeping the consumer in the game, we have tens of millions of people right now who are unemployed, and our economy is consumer-driven. Seventy percent of our economy is consumers and, if they don’t have money to spend, then that’s not good for the economy, not good for profits, and therefore, not good for prices of stocks as we see it. Therefore, the Stimulus Package is the thing to keep our eye on, and there are discussions, apparently, where they are beginning to negotiate again, so we hope there will be a Stimulus Package prior to the end of the year. Given all of that, we are still bullish.

We do not see any reason to sell at this point and get out and protect as we did on March 10, which was a significantly different period right back then. You may recall that actually was the day before the pandemic was announced and that’s when we did say to sell, so we’re not in that place now. In fact, the opposite. If we do get a Stimulus Package, which we feel we will, and we have a vaccine, then next year, we could see a dramatic rise in the S&P and the Dow because the economy, in our view, would be essentially on steroids. If we have a vaccine, people start traveling, the restaurants, all the stuff, airlines and travel companies and you name it that have been suffering will potentially start seeing business come back. Plus, we have got this massive Stimulus on top of that, which could put money in people’s pockets, so we are very bullish on the future. But as we always know, the market can change its mind very quickly and turn on a dime and go down dramatically and that is why we have our investment protect strategy in place.

And of course, if we were to reach a point where it is time to sell, we certainly would. But in the meantime, right now, we feel pretty bullish about where we go from here. Now, of course, there are many lawsuits in different states and should those lawsuits go in favor of Donald Trump, we potentially could see some elections overturned or changed and that would create some volatility, but again, we think it is the Stimulus Package, it is the consumer more so than the elections in the short run, let us say in the next 3 or 4 months. What does that mean for you? Well, what I would encourage you to do if you are inclined is to go and visit with one of our retirement planners. Put together your retirement plan. You never know when things can change.

Certainly, in your life, you have seen it, but in the markets too, and we want to help you to build a plan that has investment protect built into it, diversification, the amount of risk. We want to help you decide if you can retire or not. If you are retired, how to support the lifestyle you want. Our goal is to facilitate what we call your second childhood without parental supervision. We want you to enjoy the lifestyle that that means. What does your second childhood mean to you? We want to facilitate that if we can. We want to help you to build a plan to support that and go out and have fun and play. Help us help you. Our website, of course, is and we look forward to being able to help you if we can. Thank you for watching this video and we will talk soon.

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