Hello, this is our weekly market alert video for the week ended September 4, 2020, and you guys told me last week, thank you for all of your responses, that you did not like the virtual background. You said it looked fake, so therefore, I have no virtual background for you, so we’re going to enjoy the splendor of the real look during a pandemic, and of course, the message is more important than the background, and I get that, so thank you for watching this video. I hope you are staying sane. I hope you’re staying healthy, and I want to wish all of you a very, very happy Labor Day weekend.

We have some good news this week, and I’ll get into the market drop that we had Thursday and Friday, but we had good news. 1.37 million people found jobs, far more than expected. This is according to the Labor Department, and so the unemployment rate fell by more than what was expected. That’s a good sign. The economy is improving. This all hinges upon, of course, whether or not the Democrats and the Republicans can put together a deal because if they don’t, then the stimulus checks that are going to people that stopped, will stay stopped. That being the case, we’re going to most likely see people evicted because they can’t pay their rent. Mortgages going unpaid, and it could devolve in a bad way. We believe they will come to a deal, but if they don’t, then we think that this market could tumble dramatically and that’s why we have our sell strategy in place of course.

Now, the other thing also is that with such a rapid rise in the market, especially technology stocks, it’s not a surprise to see some profit taking happening, and so that actually the timing of this drop in the market is actually good because we’re planning on going in with our final tranche next week, and certainly if we’re going to do that, we want to buy when it’s down, and so this is actually a good thing we believe, and a temporary thing. Again, we look at this as profit taking. People are selling and also we believe that the markets will continue to rise through the end of the year as long as we get a deal from the Democrats and the Republicans to continue stimulus.

Now, the elections are going to be very interesting. One of the things that could happen, and we believe is a strong possibly, is that we won’t know who the president is until next year, and the reason why is because we envision with the mail-in ballots and all that, lawsuits, the Supreme Court getting involved, all kinds of drama, and so that certainly could bring in a lot of uncertainty. So all of that being said, we believe that the markets are going to rise and be steady from here. However, we always have our sale strategy in place. We will take risk off the table if we see that you are in danger, and that’s why we have our investment protect strategy, so again, we thank you for being a client, for letting us worry about all this stuff so that you don’t have to. Our goal always is for your money to last as long as you do, and we want you to have financial peace of mind, and so we hope you are having that even during this pandemic and these unprecedented times. So once again, thank you for watching this video, and we will talk soon.

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