Transcript: Hello, I’m Ken Moraif, Senior Retirement Planner at Retirement Planners of America, and normally we have this market alert video come out on a weekly basis, but of course, the market doesn’t operate on a weekly basis. Things happen such as what happened yesterday with the 700-point drop in the Dow. Of course, this was the reactions of the markets to the retaliation by the Chinese of the increased tariffs by President Trump and so this is appearing to become quite ugly. At this point, we are not panicking. It’s not time to sell. It’s not time to do anything drastic because according to Barron’s, if you look at periods where we’ve had this kind of volatility where we’ve had a week where the market was down followed by a big drop day like we had, 78 percent of the time, the market is up three months from that event. So, we anticipate that this will pan out to be the same way, and therefore, we don’t see anything to panic about.

One thing, though, we are glad we do have, is we have our invest and protect strategy in place to protect our client’s retirement. Paramount in our eyes is protecting principal because that is what we need to generate the income for our clients to be able to support the lifestyle that they want during their retirement, and so you have to protect the nest egg. You have to keep that safe, and so our invest and protect strategy is in place, and we will take evasive action, if necessary, to protect that. However, at this point, as I said, we don’t see that being necessary. Now, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and see if we can help you with your retirement planning and achieving your goals. We consider your retirement you second childhood without parental supervision, so we want you to go play and have fun and relax, and we have two goals. The first is for you to have financial peace of mind, to not worry, and we believe that the invest and protect strategy we have goes a long way towards allowing people to feel like, you know what, there is a strategy in place in case things go really badly, so there’s that peace of mind element; and then we also want your money to last as long as you do, and what we mean by that is that, you know, when you’re really, really old, we still want you to have the money that is going to generate the income for you during your retirement, and that’s why protecting principal is so important. So, I encourage you to go to our web site. It’s,, and find out more about us and maybe even sign up to go to one of our seminars, watch our webinars or even set a time to visit with one of our retirement planners. So, thank you for watching this video and as scary as things are, we don’t think it’s time to panic yet, but things change quickly, and we’ll keep you posted. So, we’ll talk soon.