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Equifax Breach – How to Protect Yourself

As you probably heard, Equifax had a data breach and 143 million American's identities are potentially at risk. It’s a good idea to find out if you have been affected, and to protect your personal information as much as possible for the future. Though there is nothing that can guarantee your information is 100 percent safe, there are some steps you can take to make yourself more secure:

Naming A Trustee for Your Estate

A client recently came to me with an interesting dilemma. He said, “Our daughter is not very responsible with money. She's a spendthrift. If we give our estate to her, she'll blow it all.

Should You Wait To Collect SS

I do not typically recommend you wait until 70 to take Social Security. I’ve heard people say you should, that your benefits will accumulate and you’ll get a higher payout and more money over your lifetime. I think the people making this recommendation are academics who don’t live in the real world. Of course, by waiting you do get delayed benefit credits, which increase the amount of your benefit by 8 percent each year.