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It’s Still the Stimulus

I’ve been banging the drum about the stimulus package for months now. Why do I believe it’s so important to the market and our economy?

Many Americans do not have large amounts of savings. In fact, The American Payroll Association’s 2020 “Getting Paid in America” survey found almost 69 percent of working Americans would be in trouble if their paychecks were delayed for a week. In other words, there are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck.

What Was the Market’s Take on the Presidential Debate?

Last Thursday was the big debate. How did it affect the market? And what did the market’s post-debate behavior imply about its potential reaction to the election outcome?

To begin with, I think it’s important to start with the assumption that people don’t typically invest based on what happened in the past. For the most part, we believe investors put their money on something they see occurring in the future. They look forward,

Best Interest and Fiduciary Responsibility: What’s the Difference?

When you want help with financial planning for retirement, I believe it’s important to speak with a professional. I also believe it’s important to know what type of professional you are speaking with. Generally speaking, there are two types of financial planners: brokers and investment/financial advisors.

What’s the difference? Brokers must adhere to “best interest” standards, while financial advisors have a “fiduciary duty” to their clients. Neither is necessarily good or bad, but the distinction is critical,

When Should You Revisit Your Estate Plan?

So you’ve got a solid estate plan—why fool with it? Because, for many investors, “set it and forget it” is not good estate planning advice. Your life (or your heirs’ lives) may likely change over time, and those changes often necessitate updating your estate plan. I suggest you make sure your estate plan matches your current life circumstances by revisiting it once a year.

In addition to regular reviews of your estate plan,

What to Do If You Get Laid Off: An Over 50 Survival Guide for the COVID Economy

What should you do if you get laid off? This question becomes more complicated if you’re over 50, especially in our current COVID economy. Unfortunately, age discrimination exists in our country. A 2014 survey by AARP reported that half of older workers who had become unemployed in the five years prior still did not have jobs. Nearly half of those who did find work earned less than they had previously. According to a discussion paper by the Urban Institute’s Program on Retirement Policy,